The BFA is interested in gaining more family support to keep the family information current and to have more members’ involvement.

Our History

Bishop Family Association (BFA) is a registered society, whose members are the descendents of New England planter, John and his four sons.


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The BFA extends an open invitation for July and August 2018 to all family members for our 36th anniversary year.

Come join us each year for our family reunion and annual gathering. We gather on the second Saturday in August.

Past Reunions

  • 2011 – The “Ebenezer Bishop” Geocache, Hugh Chipman, held in Greenwich
  • 2010 – “Planter History in Nova Scotia”, Dr. Gwyn held in Greenwich
  • 2009 – “Hydroelectric Development on the Gaspereau, Avon and St. Croix Rivers”, Dr. Roy Bishop, held in Hantsport
  • 2008 – “The Day the Ship Came In”, Kenneth Benzanson held in Port Williams
  • 2007 – 25th anniversary held in Port Williams.
  • 2006 – held in Centreville

Our History

Bishop Family Association (BFA) is a registered society, whose members are the descendents of New England planter, John and his four sons.

The BFA was formed in 1982, (registered in 1983) by a people who were generally interested in their common ancesters from the early 1800s. The BFA endeavours to update the Tangled Roots – a series of books that compile the known data of all the families descended from John. Currently there are 4000 family names other than “BISHOP” within the Tangled Root set.

In 1982 the province of Nova Scotia funded a “Come Back to Nova Scotia” campaign to hold reunions of families hailing from the province. Rev. William M. Bishop spearheaded the committee that organized the return of the Bishop Descendents to NS. There were 450 attendants at this first family reunion.

It was at this reunion that a genealogical committee was formed with the goal of collecting and compiling genealogical information concerning the Bishop family. It was the following year in 1983 that this committee became a registered society, the BFA.

Between the years of 1983 and 1987, a committee composed of Lorna B Huston, Iona B Jackson, John Duncanson, Gladys Bishop, Francis Bishop, William Bishop, Gerry Ross and approximately 15 people, worked to compile information. They wrote letters and gathered in formation. The culmination of all this work came in 1990 with the publication of the data in the Tangled Roots books set. There were 500 sets were published. Of those original five hundred there is five sets left. Since that time the committee has continued to update. At present Ben Knoll is keeping track of the Database – with lots of others doing work around it.

Annual meetings have been held since the big reunion in1982 and there have also been two additional large reunions, in 1987 and 1992. The annual meetings consist of a general meeting and a small schedule of activities with different local interests.


Bishop Family Association


The BFA genealogy database contains in excess of 5000 family names. Most of whom can be related to Planter and United Empire Loyalist Families. The index displays the names of individuals included. The details can be accessed through BFA membership only.

To keep our family lines updated we require information in the designated format. The form to update information can be accessed here. Our database will also accommodate photographs please feel free to send these along.


You can purchase the following items through us. You need to mail your money in advance and then we will ship you the products.

  1. A River Runs Though It – by Ross Potter
  2. Tangled Roots – by Bishop Family Association

General History

Nova Scotia has a diverse history. It was initially inhabited by the native Mi’kmaq; colonial influences of the French and English; immigration such as German Protestants to south shore area (1750s), American Loyalists during the American Revolution (1770s), and African Americans during the War of 1812.

The New England Planters did not come into a static environment. Since this is a site dedicated to the descendents of a Planter, we will not be going into the history of these other groups. For more information please visit the links below..

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